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Gallimore Levy Chrisawn Gallimore PLLC is a team of attorneys and legal staff. We help people with business, tax, residential and commercial real estate, estate planning, and estate administration matters. 

1838 Eastchester Drive, Suite 100
High Point, NC 27265



Before sending any wire, please call our office to verify the wiring instructions.  We will not change wiring instructions.  If you receive wiring instructions for a different bank, branch location, account name, or account number, they should be presumed to be fraudulent.  Do not send any funds and contact our office immediately.  Failure to follow this procedure endangers your funds.


We also invite you to call our office to verify the authenticity of any check if you have not previously dealt with us or if you have any concerns.  For these inquiries, please contact Suzette Adams at (336) 754-8473 or Cara Wagoner at (336) 754-8488.

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